A "Diet" BLT

11:29 AM

With any diet comes cravings. The other night, I absolutely *had* to have a BLT. Well, of course, in trying to be good, I had no bacon in the fridge. What I did have, by chance, was it's healthier cousin, Canadian bacon. Not expecting much, I decided to give it a go.

I heated just a dribble of extra-light olive oil in a non-stick Skillet over medium and threw in three slices of the Canadian bacon (one of which, my fiance stole). Meanwhile, I toasted two slices of potato bread until just golden, spread about a teaspoon of mayo on one slice, added about 8 leaves of baby spinach, and sliced two Campari tomatoes (they look like big cherry tomatoes on a vine) laying them on the spinach. Once my Canadian Bacon started browning, I flipped them and let them sizzle for about 30 seconds. Then, I threw the two slices he hadn't stolen onto the tomatoes. I'd say the process took about 5 or 6 minutes.

Again, not expecting much, I took a bite. Wow! Surprisingly, the sandwich tasted almost exactly like a classic BLT but less salty. It satisfied that annoying craving completely and in fact, I think this will be my preferred recipe from now on. It tastes so fresh and is much healthier than the classic. This is a new must on the lunch rotation!

Try it and let me know if you agree! Now, I'm hungry. Time to start on lunch! x

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