Simplicity 2365 - Swim Cover-up Disaster

2:01 AM

Last week, I decided to peruse the aisles of Hancock Fabrics, looking for a sheer material to be used as a swim cover-up for our vacation. Sheer fabrics aren't exactly abundant in February. I'm certain I must be the only person here creating summer garments, as the other customers shopping were still buying flannels, wool, and the like. So, when I stumbled upon a bright ocean blue chiffon, I thought I'd struck gold - forgetting, of course, how difficult chiffon can be to work with, (especially on a pattern that doesn't call for it).

Well, I brought it home and painstakingly cut out the delicate pieces, aspiring to view A of Simplicity 2365 - a nice long, flowy tunic. The instructions were simple enough and the pieces weren't complex so I dove head first into the pintucks. They went together very smoothly which was falsely encouraging. Then, I don't quite know what happened but, when I began sewing the pieces to each other, the fabric started snagging left and right. I was already using a size 9 ball point needle and had my machine threaded correctly so I started playing with sewing speed and tension, tried using a stablizer, nothing worked! No matter what I did, the garment developed snags and runs galore! Determined to finish at least, I spent yesterday afternoon powering through the mess. When I finished, I wanted the throw it in the trash but, as I had managed to smooth out most of the problems, leaving only a few scattered gathers, my darling fiance agreed it was not my usual quality work but, said that it would make a nice nightgown in the island heat. So, it goes in the bag anyway but shan't leave the room as I had intended.

I'll definately make at second attempt at this pattern. It has the comfort level I want and very easy instructions. If I can finish a chiffon version in a long afternoon, I know I can finish a cotton or linen in a matter of a few hours! The moral of the story? (One I have a difficult time remembering...) Stick to the suggested materials! Things go so much smoother when you do!

Happy Friday! x

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  1. Hmmmm, unless it was a knit chiffon, I don't know why you would use a ball point needle. Next time take a scrap of fabric, and practice with needle size, (the finer the fabric, the finer/smaller the needle needs to be - I don't remember what a size 9 equates to - different brands of needles use different "sizing systems" and I use Schmetz, and would NOT have used anything larger than a size 70 for chiffon) thread size, (coats makes a fine thread that woudld work better with chiffon), and stitch length. I'll bet you'll be amazed at how much of a difference a change of needle type and size will make next time.
    Oh, and I found you via PR

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by! After a bit of thought, I had a feeling that the needle played a huge part in the flaws but I've never taken a sewing class and I was apparently given some bad information at a local store. I'll certainly try chiffon again at some point using your tips. Thanks!


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