Red Cotton Sateen - Shorts or Skirt?

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Readers, I'd like your opinion. I'm working on my spring/summer queue and recalled a piece of red cotton sateen left over from this dress. I have roughly a yard in my stash and the fabric is very comfortable and breathable so, I'd like to make a summer separate from it. The question is, should I make shorts or a skirt?

If I choose shorts, I can use McCall 5391 (view B, sans tabs) for a classic fly-front option, similar to the one pictured below.   Or, New Look 6100 (view A) is a "cleaner" option with a side-zipper closure. I'd likely add welt pockets to the back of either.


View B, sans tabs; Source
View A; Source

If I decide to make a skirt, the a-line skirt pattern (6106, view B) New Look posted this morning on Facebook could look cute in red.  Or, I always have my tnt, Simplicity 2451 (view D).

View A or B; Source
View D; Source
All cute options, right?  So, here's the dilemma: 

Shorts would be the more casual option and would probably be more comfortable (and dog-play-friendly) while on vacation.  However, shorts will take longer to make, especially if I choose the fly-front option.  I've also never successfully made a pair of shorts.  I've attempted once and they were too small so, shorts might be risky.

A skirt, on the other hand, I could whip up in no time and with minimal fit worries.  I am concerned though, that the sateen/skirt combo would be too dressy to wear with a tee or polo and flats.  Sateen skirts are also, seemingly, not in fashion, as I couldn't find any pictures of ready-to-wear options to show as an example. I'm no slave to trends but, would a bold color + sheen + out of style draw too much attention?

You see how I over-think everything? :-P  I need help!  Please, feel free to offer any opinions you may have below.  I'd sincerely appreciate your input! Thanks!!

Happy Wednesday! x

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  1. I really like the idea of shorts, especially in red! Think about all of the other fitting issues you have tackled recently with your projects, you likely have a lot more knowledge than when you made your first pair of shorts. I like McCall 5391, but have you also considered the Ruby shorts from BurdaStyle? I think those are super cute.

    In any case, I know you are up for this challenge.

  2. I vote shorts with side zip!

  3. I think you should try shorts again! I'd like to make a pair this summer, although it's pretty scary. But you've had so much success lately that I bet you'd knock 'em out of the park! I like the top pair, in particular, but the NL shorts would be cute, too, as would the Ruby shorts.

  4. I think the NL shorts look cute, but the Ruby shorts would be fabulous! :-)

  5. Definitely shorts!!! Target has some cotton sateen shorts that I am in love with and have been wanting to make them. They seem like they would be a little more versatile.

  6. Shorts!! (Oh, to be able to wear shorts....)

  7. I think they're all nice - I like the New Look shorts the best. I think they would be flattering and has a similar shape and drape of a skirt.

  8. Not one vote for me to take the easy way out? ;-). I was leaning (quite far) towards shorts too so, thanks for the little push! Shorts it is! Now, to research the Rubys (Annabelle, how did you know I love sailor shorts - hehe). I also purchased the New Look pattern yesterday so, I may have to flip a coin!

    Thanks for your encouragement and input!! x

  9. SHORTS!! Can't wait to see them :)

  10. I have to say that I think shorts would be adorable!! I can also see a red shirt paired with a black and white striped shirt :) I LOVE your projects. The red dress looks fabulous!!


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