Coffee Tea-Cakes and Muffins

9:53 AM

Recently, my dear fiance dropped the hint that he wanted a [healthy] coffee cake. Those of you who have baked a coffee cake before know there isn't much healthy about it.

So, I decided the trick would be portion control. Having recently purchased the NordicWare Mini Tea-Cake pan (love it!) to use as a muffin pan, I knew this would provide the solution. I used a Martha Stewart Coffee Cake Muffin recipe I found via Baking Bites and tweaked it. I substituted whole wheat flour for about 3/4 cup of white flour - in part because I wanted to make it healthier and part because I ran out of white - and I cut the baking time in half. Instead of the buttery crumb topping, I sprinkled each tea-cake muffin with cinnamon-sugar.

I did also make four regular-sized muffins - 60 minis was more than enough! For those, I sprinkled a little cinnamon-sugar on before they went in and little more when they came out.

Delightful! x

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