Works in Progress - Update

11:39 PM

At the end of July, I shared with you my remaining sewing plans for summer. I just took a look at the list and I didn't do a bad job.
Here's the update:
Butterick 5351 in a lavender eyelet (needs straps sewn and hem) Done!
Butterick 4443 in a pink and green plaid (needs the lining taken in to reduce bulk and hem)
Simplicity 2584 in white with a lace overlay (we're still deciding on a neckline and front darts) Done!
New Look 6057 in a blue and white linen gingham
Simplicity 2246 x2 in a red cotton and a blue herringbone Done and done!
McCalls 2365 in a green linen Sadly, my linen shrank more than anticipated so, I didn't have enough to do this project.

Of course, I've added to the list! I need fall clothes now:
A yet-to-be-determined pencil skirt pattern, first in poly/rayon Glen plaid to test it, then in a wool tweed and a wool herringbone.
Butterick 5682 in a 21 wale grey corduroy
Vogue 1183 in a dusty mauve modal knit
Vogue 8685 in a light blue modal knit, though I may save this for spring
Vogue 8379 in a black modal knit
(oh and Burda 7523 for DF)

Luckily, my fall stash isn't too out of control... Yet.

What are you working on? x

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  1. Great job crossing those items off your list, doesn't it feel good? I am excited for your fall sewing - you've got a great list of fabrics and colors.

  2. Thanks @Annabelle! It really does :) I'm quite proud of myself for sticking with it (and I'm sure DF appreciates my efforts to buy only what I'll use). I love your fall palette too! I meant to say so but got distracted by the challenge link (sorry). I can't wait to see what you make in those beautiful colors!


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