September is National Sewing Month

9:00 AM

Did you know there was such a thing!? There's even a website: National Sewing Month

It seems, according to this website, Former President Ronald Reagan declared this as a way to recognize the importance of home sewing. Every year, there is also a contest sponsored by the Sewing and Craft Alliance and the American Sewing Guild. This year, the theme is "Sew for the Love of It" and all entries must feature a heart. So cute! This would be easy to tie in to one of your Self-Stitched September outfits! (Dont forget - the challenge starts today!) I'm thinking a dress with heart-shaped pockets is in order.

Hop over to the website for full contest details.

Anyone thinking of participating? What will you make?

Happy National Sewing Month! x

How cute is this logo!?

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