McCalls 4440 Sew Along?

12:53 PM

I've noticed a lot of traffic recently to my seersucker and paisley dress posts so I had an idea. How many of you would like to make one for a sew-along? Admittedly, I'm still a beginner so, I wouldn't say I'd be teaching anyone how to do it. I do experience with the pattern though, so I could answer questions and I'll post plenty of pictures.

I've never done a sew-along before but they sound like fun! I just happen to have fabric selected for view C that I'm planning to whip together in June. Anyone interested?

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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I just bought this pattern today and I am a total beginner. I'm quite interested in a sew along and I've never done one either. When do you plan on starting? I just need to get the fabric for it to get started. Let me know :-)

  2. Hi! I'm so glad you're interested! How about we start on June 13th? If that's not enough time to get your fabric, just let me know.

    So excited!


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