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Me-Made-May '14: Week 5

Nearly there!

Day 24 - n/a - I wore a semi-boxy t-shirt from J.Crew that I love.  So much so that I traced it a couple of years ago.  I finally made one this week!  see below.  Oh, and rtw shorts, cause obviously a girl's gotta wear more than a t-shirt ;-P

Day 25 - n/a - This was the dirtiest of the home improvement days this month so, I wore a (free) souvenir t-shirt and shorts.  I don't dare mess up my me-mades :-)  Maybe when I have plenty more to choose from?

Day 26 - Navy Ikat linen skirt - One more time! For a Memorial day cookout at a neighbor's house.  Ok, this day cinched it.  No one else showed up to the party wearing a skirt and yet, I still felt perfectly comfortable in it.  I think the fabric and the print make it casual enough to not stand out.  Normally, I get "Aww, you didn't have to get dressed up." but, not this time.  And, the linen was downright heavenly in the humid, raining off-and-on, summer heat.  Grade: A

Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Skirt: self-drafted, Shoes: Hush Puppies, Jewelry: Lilly Pulitzer & J.Crew, Umbrella: Totes

Day 27 - Self-Drafted Lavender Linen Skirt - Another day, another repeat.  For running errands and whatnot.  Not much new to say about this one.  I really wanted to wear it when I woke, which is always a good sign.  It's a bit tricky to pair though.  I Googled and, apparently, the trendy option would have been mint.  Having a mint silk blouse, I considered it but, I think it's a bit too "omgfashun" for me to pull off and would have just looked way too sugary sweet.  So, I went with blue. Blue's always good (I hope).  I felt good in it at least :)  Grade: A-

Brandon was away on business again but, I remembered the timer on our camera, trying to spare you the cell phone selfies :)
Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Skirt: self-drafted, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer

Day 28 - Self-drafted (traced) "Daphne" T-shirt - This is my first attempt at finally remaking my aforementioned beloved J.Crew t-shirt.  I can't find a lightweight stable knit like they used so, mine came out drapier and less boxy but, I do still love it.  Oh, and more blue-green (turquoise, jade, teal, I love it all)!  I plan to make more of these and write up a proper post eventually but, my overall thoughts are very good.  I'm still a knits-newbie but, I finished it the closest to the original way as I good (I even used a twin needle!!) and I'm really pleased.  It filled a me-made gap and it's going to be a regular wear :)  I do think the outfit overall is a little boring though.  Grade: B+

T-shirt: self-drafted, Shorts: AE, Bracelet: Target, Shoes: Dolce Vita

Day 29 - Maria Denmark Kimono t-shirt  - more home improvement - Ok, so I said I never wear me-mades for construction but, I attempted this pattern a few years ago when I knew absolutely nothing about knits and the quality is less than I like.  I like it, I just don't like to wear it out of the house.  Now that I'm a bit more knit-educated, I really should try this pattern again - it's cute, comfy, and on-trend.  No grade.

Day 30 - Maria Denmark Kimono t-shirt - ditto - and ditto.

Only 1 day to go! (Ok, technically that was yesterday... post coming tomorrow with my end-of-challenge thoughts :)

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Me-Made-May '14: Week 4

Let's pretend I didn't post this four days late and just jump in, shall we?

Day 17 - n/a  - A sudden chill came through and I didn't feel I had any appropriate tops... must work on that. I wore jeans, a Liberty lawn button-front, and a lightweight cardigan. The cardigan isn't something I feel I can make myself (It's lace-weight but solidly would take me decades) but, the shirt is, so I plan to add a few to the queue.

Day 18 - n/a - We're doing a lot of improvements to the house and I didn't bother putting on any "nice" clothes.

Day 19 - not-yet-blogged turquoise top - to babysit our neighbor's son (which turned out to mean 'sit by the pool for two hours, reading a book and check on the napping baby at regular intervals - easy peesy) - Right, so, we're getting a little more real here this year.  Not seeing many fancy dresses, are we?  While I've basically boycotted jeans since college, this year, I've embraced the "casual norm" a bit more. Enter this simple but glorious rayon top. Oh how I love rayon. And turquoise. And rayon... you get the idea ;-) While I don't think this is "my best look", I know this top will get regular wear.  Despite the unexpected lounging in the sun, this top stayed cool and comfortable.  Grade: B+?

Top: Simplicity 1690, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Hush Puppies
Brandon pointed out the wrinkles and I said "It's Me-Made-May. It's about keeping it real!" :-P

Day 20 - Gah! The day that killed the month! (I've now officially failed my challenge of five days per week.)  I had a migraine for a large portion of the day and, admittedly, stayed in [rtw] pjs all day. :-(

Day 21 - Three Seasons shirtdress - for, you know, daily activities and some home diy.  Sorry, didn't get a photo.  I think this is the year that has finally done this dress in.  Ugh, I felt awful in it.  It was made pre-serger, which would have been fine if I'd used French seams or something but, nope.  I used my old machine's faux-overlock, which is still allowing the edges to fray a bit.  Also, the fit is off just enough to be annoying.  Is it noticeable to the general person?  Probably not. But, it doesn't feel right.  It's time to look at this one as a learning process and start again.  I'll likely use the pattern again but, I think the view with the waist seam will make it feel a bit more me.  I'm thinking navy linen... and maybe another blue shirting. Pinpoint perhaps?  Grade: D

Day 22 - not-yet-blogged 60s Floral Skirt - Errands and dinner out with Brandon - I really like this skirt.  That said, I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to pair it with.  It's harder than I thought to avoid 'matchy-matchy' and/or 'sugary sweet'.  I think this rtw wear top is teetering on both but, I was in a rush.  The outift was seriously comfortable, I just felt a hair too "cutesy" while everyone else seemed to be bustling about in their modern colors and hi-lo hems.  Grade: B+

Oh hey, look! You do get to sneak a peak at this skirt :-)
Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Self-Drafted, Shoes: Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx

Day 23 - "Dock of the Bay" dress - so. much. shopping. - Sorry. No picture for this one either.  I was way too worn out by the time we got home to pose for a shot, particularly in unflattering indoor lighting.  Another iffy selection.  I had to force myself to pull it out of the closet.  If it weren't for MMMay, I wouldn't have.  I really like it in theory but, 1. it's overfitted.  It's a casual sundress but, fits like something more um, attention-seeking? 2.  it's too small in the bust.  I was totally winging my pattern alterations and didn't add enough room there (seriously, I'm not a full girl - who is this pattern designed for?).  Also, the embroidered fabric apparently has zero give so, yeah, there's a lot of smooshing happening and the sports-bra look is not a flattering one.  If I can ever stop getting distracted by shiny new fabric and patterns, I'll redo the bodice and maybe let the side seams out a touch.  Then, I think she'll be a winner.  Grade: C+ (for now)

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Finished: Pool Green Wool Half-Circle Skirt

Wow, this post is a long-time coming.  I started this skirt back in, oh September or so!  I was planning to bring it with me when we went home in the fall but, that didn't happen.  It was going to be my #SewGreenDecember project but, that didn't happen. It was going to be part of my SWAP but, that didn't happen either.

Top: J.Crew via ebay, Skirt: self-drafted, Earrings: Target, Shoes: Coach

That building in the background? It's our town's old textile mill :-) Of course I had to include a photo with that.
See, what had happened was... ok, the events aren't quite that ridiculous ;-) But, really, I was really excited to start this one after living in a Lilly Pulitzer 1/2 circle skirt all summer but, when I cut it out, I discovered I didn't have enough for the lining so, I had to wait until I could find/buy new Bemberg.  By then, I'd kind of lost interest.  (Ever get bored with the color/fabric mid-project?)  Then, when I did want to work on it, after my Brasilia Dress renewed my sewjo, I was sick and it took longer than it should have. Then, my beginner machine crapped out on me (but, you already know that).  Then, Brandon's frequent business trips meant it took some time before I was able to get him to help me level the hem.

When I finally did finish it, Brandon had to leave again on a long work trip and we didn't get to take pictures before I dropped him off for his flight so, I attempted to do them myself.  I spent what felt like a year setting up the tripod (which I didn't know how to do), adjusting the camera settings, framing the picture, and then, the darned thing ran out of battery!  So, I came home, cleaned the skirt, and planned to attempt it again the following week.  Odd thing is, either the skirt shrunk (yes, the wool was pre-treated) or the lining grew (but, the machine issue meant the skirt was left to drop for over a month!) as the lining suddenly peered out of the bottom.  So, I cast it aside waiting for Brandon's return so he could help me even things out.  Again.

Yeah, that's a lot of delays with one simple skirt. So, even when everything worked out and we were able to take photos, I put off writing the post (the photos were taken pre-surgery! that's how long).  More importantly though, despite all of those issues and my lack of interest in blogging it, I LOVE this skirt!  I've worn it rather frequently since I finished it and I think it's going to be a closet staple for quite a while.  The two fabrics paired together make this skirt so comfortable and swishy - it makes me happy just to walk around in it.  In fact, I love it so much, I've since sewn two additional half-circle skirts and I don't expect to stop there!

See? So swishy :-)
Now, after all this rambling, I really should tell you about the skirt itself but, being a simple half-circle, there isn't much to tell.  It's a lightweight wool suiting lined in Bemberg ambiance.  It closes with a hidden button-tab and an invisible zipper in the back.  I hand-sewed the hem of the outer (the lining is simply serged to conserve length after all the weird hacking) but, unfortunately, the thread got snagged before the photos so, it doesn't look at smooth as it should.  It looks better now after a bit of steam.

Enough text! How about I show what happens when Brandon just clicks away?  I know how much you all love bloopers!

Happy sewing! x

Project details
Pattern: Self-drafted half-circle skirt, $0
Year: 2013
Fabric: 1.75yds wool twill suiting, $18, Gail K Atlanta, 2 yards Bemberg Ambiance lining, ~$10 Jo-Ann
Notions: 9" invisible YKK zipper, ~$2, clear button and interfacing from stash
Time to complete: ~1 week, on and off over a few months
First worn: for an afternoon of errands
Wear again: already have, several times!
Total cost: ~$30


OOTD: Mary Gets a Makeover and Goes to the Park

When I first posted my 'Downton Abbey'-inspired Lady Mary dress, I styled it a bit a la Edwardian.  It felt darling dressing up all ladylike but, truth be told, it was a touch much for everyday wear.  So, when we ventured to a French-inspired cafe last week for a celebratory brunch, I opted for a more modern look.  After all, I did name the dress "Modern Mary".