About this blog:

I created this blog in January '11 as a way to organize my thoughts and my projects in a little spot all my own. Publishing what I'm working on encourages me to finish tasks and try new things that I likely wouldn't otherwise. You'll find I most commonly post about my stitching project of the week (or month) because housework, though quite valuable, doesn't vary much from day-to-day. However, when I buy a wonderful new pan or stumble upon a great new eco-friendly cleaner, you'll be the first ones to know! I'm also sure to throw in a new recipe or two from time to time as I experiment in the kitchen.

While this space started as a homemaker's journal, I now think of it as a new way to meet friends and be a part of a community.  So please, introduce yourself!

I'll go first:

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I live with my darling fiance, Brandon, and our dog, CoCo, in a charming city just outside of Atlanta. We decided a few years ago that things (at least for now) are less stressful if I stay home to take care of CoCo, the house, finances, shopping, you name it, while he works. I fill in free me-time with sewing, knitting, diy, or yoga. (5-2013)


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share! Leave a message below or you can email me at msjennyhomemaker at gmail dot com.

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